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We feel by providing each team member we employ with the tools and training on the Line Industries’ latest knowledge and the teachings on the safest procedures of executing our work, as well as furnishing the safest tools and the training on how to use  these tools, will ensure their success.

Our team meets on a weekly basis to review the ever-changing technology and the industry safety training that is available to us. We are also relentless in our efforts of discovering and implementing MOhawk’s culture of the safest tools and work procedures we can offer. We know by having a company culture constantly geared toward making sure employees are provided the knowledge and know-how from management, they will work in the safest and smartest way possible. Safety is a core priority which allows MOhawk to lead the industry with the highest quality of work and healthiest employees it has to offer.

Here at MOhawk Electric we have a team that never settles…even for the best. Instead, we continually strive to discover the safest work environment we can provide for our most important asset here at Mohawk, and that ASSET is employees; our Lineman, Apprentices, Ground-Men, Operators, Mechanics, Yard Hands, Truck Drivers and all of our Office Staff .

Every MOhawk Electric employee is trained on the following practices:

1. Hurt Man Rescue

  • Pole Top Rescue
  • Bucket Truck Rescue
  • Proper rigging of the injured person
  • Proper knot
  • Multiple scenarios
  • Rescue plans before job ever begins
  • Knowing your role
  • Radio/Cell Phone
  • Good tailboard

2. Maps and Schematics

  • Symbols
  • Dispatch Procedures for particular property employee is working on for switching, picking up clearances, grounding, outages, picking up hold tags/one shot, etc.
  • Paper work which is required by Mohawk as well as the Utility for all aspects stated above

3.Personal Protective Grounding

  • Overhead EPZ
  • Grounding Equipment Procedures
  • Grounding procedures when pulling overhead conductor
  • Following property rules along with our companies
  • Always use proper hot-line tool

4. Hot Stick Review and or on the job training

  • Classroom Training
  • MAD
  • Rigging
  • Stick and attachment Identification
  • Proper use, Care, and Maintenance
  • Proper tailboard documentation

5. Vault and Manhole Rescue

  • Train on crew procedures
  • Train how to use rescue equipment
  • Go over definitions of permit required and enclosed space
  • Explain utility industry leeway
  • OSHA
  • Train on Testing Equipment Mohawk uses
  • Train Mohawks Rules and Procedures  for working vaults and manholes

6. First Aid CPR

  • Have a certified training on all 3 AED, First Aid, and CPR
  • Inform all employees where AED machines are located

7. Fall Safe training

    • Classroom training
    • JELCO
    • BuckSqueeze
    • Cynch Lok
    • Secondary Lanyards
    • Hands on Training

8. Fire Extinguisher Training

      • Classroom

9. Ladder Safety

      • Classroom
      • Hands on

10. Excavation Training

      • Classroom

11. Equipment Training

      • MOhawk Trains Employees on all equipment they will be operating
      • Review all Equipment
      • Review on how to do everyday maintenance
      • Show how to do necessary paperwork to ensure all maintenance is completed quickly as possible

12. Smith Driving

      • Classroom Training
      • Hands On Driving

13. Review Mohawks Accident Prevention and Rule Manual

      • Allow ample time for each employee to read manual as well as ask any questions they may have
      • Go over MOhawk’s expectations of all its employees
      • Have every employee sign and date stating they have read and understand MOhawk’s APR manual in its entirety and agree to adhere and abide by manual while working for MOhawk Electric

Review MOhawk’s Extreme outlook and dedication to SAFETY

Our Culture never settles not even for the best. Instead we just keep climbing our way to discovering the safest work environment we can provide for all of our employees and contractors.

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